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Hidden Screams Haunted Attraction

The Legend of Hidden Screams is one of intrigue and mystery. Dr. Michael Mayhem, a formerly world-renowned scientist and doctor, is now forced to live in the shadows because of his hidden experiments that have caused him to become disfigured yet having cracked the code to eternal life. As time goes on, Dr. Michael Mayhem begins using the serum on his family and close friends. As his family and friends join him in his quest for eternal life, the community starts to notice that people are going missing and things are changing all around them…and not for the best. As you enter his hallowed halls, will you become one of his next experiments or will you escape…just barely…with your soul still intact? Only time will tell!


Who is Dr. Mayhem?

Dr. Michael Mayhem’s fascination with immortality began at an early age. His parents were both doctors, and they instilled in him a deep curiosity about the human body and its potential. As he grew older, Dr. Mayhem became increasingly obsessed with finding a way to extend life indefinitely. He spent countless hours studying ancient texts and experimenting with various potions and elixirs in his lab.

One fateful night, Dr. Mayhem’s experiments took a dark turn. He was in his lab, working late into the night when he accidentally spilled a powerful serum onto his skin. The serum triggered a monstrous transformation, turning him into a half-human, half-creature hybrid. At first, Dr. Mayhem was horrified by his new form, but he quickly realized that he had gained something even more precious than eternal life: immortality.

Determined to share his newfound gift with the world, Dr. Mayhem began experimenting on his patients, turning them into half-human, half-creature hybrids like himself. The transformations were painful, and many of his patients died in the process, but Dr. Mayhem was undeterred. He believed that he was doing important work and that the sacrifices he was making were necessary for the greater good.

As Dr. Mayhem’s experiments continued, rumors began to circulate about the strange happenings in his lab. People whispered about his twisted creations, and many began to fear him. But Dr. Mayhem was single-minded in his pursuit of eternal life, and he paid no heed to the warnings of others. To him, the end justified the means, and he would stop at nothing to achieve his goal.

The Tragic Fate of Mrs. Mayhem

Mrs. Mayhem was once the wife of Dr. Michael Mayhem, a brilliant scientist obsessed with creating immortal half-human, half-creature hybrids. She was always supportive of her husband’s work, even though it often took him away from her for long periods of time. But one day, something went wrong during an experiment, and Dr. Mayhem himself became one of his creations – a half-human, half-demon creature with eternal life.

Mrs. Mayhem was devastated by her husband’s transformation, but she refused to give up on him. She stayed by his side, caring for him and helping him adjust to his new form. Over time, she too began to age slower and slower until she realized that she had also achieved eternal life.

Now, Mrs. Mayhem lives alone in Mayhem Manor, surrounded by the remnants of her husband’s experiments. She spends her days wandering the halls, remembering the past and trying to make sense of her new existence. She knows that she will never be able to leave the Manor, for fear of being discovered by the outside world. But she has come to accept her fate and finds solace in the company of the Lost Souls – the failed experiments that her husband kept hidden away in the Chamber of Lost Souls.


Hidden Screams Haunted Attraction
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